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Crossing the Fenceline: Enthusiastic Fifth-Grader Lends Helping Hand, Learns Farming

2/7/2015 7:00 AM
By Anne Harnish Food and Family Features Editor

MANHEIM, Pa. — It is a below-freezing afternoon, and an unusual bone-chilling wind threatens to pile up more drifts of snow on this already slick road. Here, off a ridge in northcentral Lancaster County, Pa., a snowy quilt of farmlands are winter-scenic but few wind breaks are in sight to stop the blowing snow. Modest rural homes pepper this ridge road on the way to John Harris’ place, a warm homestead with a story to tell about neighborliness and human connection. Behind the Harris house, a few small red barns cluster efficiently on a slope defined by multiple fencelines. The lines lead further down to a neighbor’s house, 4 acres owned by the Gibble family, which includes Randy Gibble, 49, and his son, Toby, 11.

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